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General Guidelines for making quilts

We encourage you to make your quilt with any design, pattern, color, and fabric or combinations thereof. The colors and pattern choices are up to you - you are the creator, you be the designer. The quilts are given to females and males of all ages. Unisex quilts are really great.

Do what you feel comfortable doing, we appreciate anything you do. We even welcome individual blocks (orphan blocks) that are combined with others to make a great scrappy top.

Click here to print these instructions.

Finished Quilt Information Label Sheet

Click here to print out the sheet of labels that are used to track making and distribution of the quilts. Attached as label to the finished quilts when it is turned in.


  • We use cotton fabric, this includes flannels.
  • Use any color, design or combinations. Sometimes the scrappier the better.
  • Here is an opportunity to use those fabrics you don't want anymore, they can make up into the greatest quilts.
  • We have a large stash of donated fabric for members to use.
  • Baby theme quilts should be no larger than crib size.
  • Adult theme fabrics should be avoided on crib size quilts.


  • Any pattern can be used.
  • Click here to print sample patterns for your use.

Quilt Size Guidelines: (sizes approximate and variable)

  • Crib: 36" x 48" or shorter
  • Twin: 55" x 75" or longer
  • Lap: Square - 50" to 60" square or nearly square
  • Double and Queen: We don't need many of these except at Christmas, but we'll use it if you make it!

Standard Mattress Sizes:






CAL King

27" x 53"

39"  x 75"

54" x 75"

60" x 80"

78" x 80"

72" x 84"


  • Batting should be lightweight, something like bonded polyester or Warm and Natural.
  • We try to have a supply of batting available for members.


  • Quilts must be machine quilted so they last a long time and hold up to numerous washings. You may machine quilt in any way you like. This is a great way to practice your quilting designs. If you are unable to quilt your tops there are two other options.
  • Quilts From The Heart has our own machine that can be used by trained members.
  • We have several generous longarm quilters who volunteer to quilt for the organization. Just bring the finished top and back to a meeting and a machine quilter will take it from there. The machine quilters have the following requests:
    • All the threads must be trimmed.
    • Please make it is easier to quilt by stabilizing the edges of the quilt by one of these methods:
      • Place a border around the blocks.
      • Stitch around the blocks near the edge.
    • Provide a completed back that is at least 4" longer and 4" wider than the top. Square up edges of quilt & back.
    • If you provide batting, it should be approximately 4" longer and 4" wider than the top. Batting must be lightweight, something like bonded polyester or Warm and Natural.