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We are very excited to publish photos of our quilts on the internet. Please check back each month, as after each meeting we will post photos of the quilts turned in.

Here's how it works...

Just click here: QUILTS PHOTOS.

The photos are shown on a photo-sharing web site called SmugMug at http://qfth.smugmug.com. 

The photos are organized in photo galleries – “Work Parties” or “Retreats and Parties”.  Photos of quilts turned in during work parties are shown in one of the Work Party galleries, organized by month and year.  Just select any of the photo galleries to view the quilts that were turned in at each work party (most anyway).

Anyone can view the Work Parties galleries, but the Retreats and Parties galleries are password-protected and intended for viewing by members.  If you are a member, and if you forgot the password, please contact us at Quilts From The Heart.

Due to technical difficulties not all quilts that have been turned in will be included on this site.

Please don't download copies of our photos.
Photos shown on this site are owned by Quilts from the Heart or its members and all rights are reserved.